The Kemmangundi ride

The Kemmangundi ride

With the rising sun guiding our path, we set out for a brief ride of 2 days that added light to us, like on a gloomy day. We felt some breeze, some sunlight, mild showers of rain, misty paths and everything in between. 

Day 1 was a solid 12-hour ride along curves and straight roads. We had the bliss of the most pleasant weather that there could be. The first scene that captured my heart was the orange tinge over the horizon with a soothing sunrise to my right and the KRS dam to my left. It felt like a welcome to nature’s lap.

Kemmangundi places to visit chikmagalur
The ladies, the pillions

The first destination that we arrived at was Kallathi falls. A simple waterfall that laid way to the temple. Right after this was the ride to Kemmangundi. Greenery everywhere, a sight for the sore eyes. The view from Kemmangundi was serene. In a glance from left to right, the mist was covering up the hillocks in front of us. In a gaze, we could witness cloud-filled sky with mild sunlight being engulfed by the fog. I wish we could capture it with a palm’s twist and put it inside a bottle. 

Next ride was to Datta Peetha from here. We experienced 2 different kinds of weather up on our way and on our way back. As soon as we stepped down from our bikes to see that the shop there is offering Maggi and omelette for lunch, it started raining. The first drops of magic on our trip. We were warm inside, having the most underrated lunch of all. After this satisfying lunch, we were headed to Mullayangiri, taking the road less taken. 

I don’t mean ‘the road less taken’ as a metaphor. In a literal sense, cars and bikes are not allowed to take this road because:

  1. There is  no road
  2. That explains it
Off road experience bhadra tiger reserve

We had to take it. For the view, for the glory of off-roading. Two most beautiful things that can happen to someone. This felt just like how it feels when you’re falling in love. Scary and new in the beginning, but you can’t get enough of it later. 

“You don’t jump until I ask you to”. That was the instruction given to me. Wait, why would I have to jump? Where do I jump? How can I jump off a bike? But later, I realised it meant, “Just hold on, its worth it”

The terrain was rough. Pits filled with freshwater, humps and shallows all over. It felt like a test of the judgement of the rider and the bravery of the pillion. About 13 kms of this terrain, it felt like a victory when we reached the other end of that road by getting at the gate. We all held on. 

From here, we were headed to the homestay that was supposed to host this group of 6 people. It was at the lap of these hillocks and had a stream that flowed right by it. Our evening filled us up in conversations and campfire. 

Day 2 was simple and sweet. Starting the day by enjoying the view by our cottage, we were all ready to head back home. We had to make a pit-stop at Chikmagalur to pay a visit to the Royal Enfield showroom, otherwise, the ride would have been incomplete. 

The return was elementary, like a melody playing in your head that just goes on. The lunch stop was at Hassan, where I was talked into eating North-Indian meals as symbolism to breaking the life’s monotony, followed by everyone else ordering the sweet south Indian love meal.  Nevertheless, it was a very fulfilling meal, like the trip was, in itself. 

Getting closer to our homes, there was a deep sense of accomplishment and a smile on our faces. This ride has given us new relationships. This ride had given us peace amidst the chaos. This ride has given us a piece of nature’s soul.  


  1. Very nicely detailed writing about the beautiful serene places of KARNATAKA.
    I went back to my College days wherein we had a trek and walkathon at Kemmangundi falls and Datha Peeth.
    Keep it up Arpita long way to go.
    I would insist you to start writing travel dairies book.

  2. paras jain

    you had nice time, made it nice for others by beautiful narration of same, keep going

  3. Jai

    For someone who has never explored that part of Karnataka, you helped me journey through the landscape and through your writing. Good work… it is clear you had a great time.

  4. Very well narrated.. i never heard this place, now will definitely plan a trip..
    Superb and keep writing and keep helping people by this..

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