My journey of a thousand steps

How much walking is good for health

As I stand here today on 19th June 2020, I complete 100 days of 10k steps everyday. The day 19th Jan 2020, which was the biggest day for BNI Mysore for the year is the whole reason why this happened. I know that makes no sense but let me explain. 19th Jan 2020 was MyBiz 2020, the day where people who had completed the challenge of 21 days, 50 days, 75 days, 100 days and so on of 10,000 steps everyday were getting recognition.

It was 27th December 2019 and I was added to the ‘BNI Mys 5 AM Club’, where we had to walk and do the daily posting of the steps we had walked. I received a reasonable welcome and greater apprehension for the simple reason that so many people were trying to get me to walk from over 6 years now and nothing had got me started. I would even tell my dad often that walking is boring. Not to forget how I had taken an annual gym membership and made the owner rich by not going beyond 27 days.

The backstory to fitness, my parents are very health conscious are actually living concepts like right eating, workouts every day and all those healthy stuff that I only blog about. Their daughter or in other words, their package of disappointment still did not get into fitness in spite of effort ranging from inspirational pep talks to yelling and dragging their daughter out of bed.

Srinivasa Giri nd Vinutha Giri Arogyasiri Ayurveda
Meet Srinivasa Giri and Vinutha Giri, the owners of the disappointing package

They gave up. If I was choosing an unhealthy life of junk food and sedentary lifestyle with no spark in life whatsoever, it was beyond them now.

Anyway, coming back to 27th December 2019, the day I was added to the group, it meant that I had to start walking. The one thing I thoroughly hated. But this wasn’t just about the walk anymore. It was about the respect and commitment that I had given to the person who made me get into this madness, The Mahaveer Kothari. He is my Co-Launch Ambassador in BNI and more importantly my well-wisher who yelled at me and got my walking journey started.

And finally, on December 30th 2019, 4 days of being added to the group, I started my walk. Which means on 19th Jan 2020, the D Day, I would compete my 21 Day Challenge and get recognized for it , considering I finish my 10k steps before 10 AM of that day, so that I can get added to the list.

MyBiz 2020 BNI Mysore Region BNI India
The D Day, 19th Jan 2020, Mybiz 2020. The first milestone of 21 days.

The whole freaking point of this challenge was to prove that if you can do it for 21 days, you can do it for a lifetime. And let me tell you that it wasn’t a smooth 21-day journey. There were 3 days in between where I was in Trichy for a training that started at 7 AM and finished by 6 PM. The people with me were also on the same challenge and we had to walk without compromising our evening plans or be late for the training. And there, we did midnight walks in the streets of Trichy, where people had Badam Milk at 2 AM.

The next day after the 21 days, I did not even get up from the bed because of the tiredness from the D-Day. Also, not only did I wake up and finish the 10k steps by 7 AM on 19th, but also closed the day with this due to all the walking around in the event…

The 5 Am Club BNI Mysore

I did not wake up for the next 2 days, I fell sick and was down with fever. This was the real test and I failed it. I stopped walking and found it difficult to start again. Long story cut short, I finally restarted and this was the best gift I had given myself. It also meant I started from Day 1 again and now it meant I can’t stop for a lifetime, for nothing.

These 100 days, I have continued my walk throughout the lockdown, walking in my balcony and hallway. I was at the peak of my activeness while the lockdown could have easily been a way to slip back into the sedentary lifestyle. I have walked even after a fall that injured my feet and knee. I have walked on days that I even felt low or bored and wanted to give up. Although I was asked to rest and heal, it just didn’t feel right to do it.

I was lucky to get a huge support system from people like Paras Jain and Mahaveer Kothari, who were always making sure that I am active and walking and never stopping.

The most important thing that has happened here is not just the simple act of walking. It is about understanding that if one truly makes up their mind, they attain the discipline and consistency to achieve what they want, no matter what roadblocks come their way. The journey was as beautiful as the destination and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I had so many excuses to not walk before. Especially on Tuesday mornings which is my BNI Chapter meeting where I had to log in at 7 AM, I would make it a point to finish my walk and get ready before I login than telling myself that I will finish my walk in the evening. The morning walks had a positive effect on me throughout the day and not just while I was walking.

The beauty of mornings, where do I start! The beautiful bougainvillaea all around, the rising sun along the horizon, the pleasantness of birds flying around with you, children in cycles peddling their glory to happiness, people watering their plants and beautifying their outdoors, the dewdrops on the leaves, dogs trying to bite their own tails and the company of your thoughts.

Here I would like to make reference to the book The Alchemist where Paulo implies that the real treasure is not what we find but what we become in the journey of finding it.


  1. Jai

    Congratulations Arpitha on your first 100 towards a fitness lifestyle. Agree that it is not easy to maintain consistency on a Physical activity… because willpower is not always on call. Really loved reading your article and your journey. All the best for your next goal… Is it 365 Days?

    • Sadiq sait

      Congratulations Arpita, beautiful write up, also very inspiring,, congratulations for completing 100 days…and wishing you all the very best..

  2. Awesome Arpitha, i might be the happiest person on the earth seeing you completing 100days.. Congratulations and keep motivating more n more people around you..

    • According to the leading psychological evaluation anything if repeated for more than 55days, a new habit is formed! And this is your 100thday unending journey. This is one of the biggest successful journeys of your life. As you said it’s just not walking, it’s about
      Believing in self
      Mental strength
      And more importantly
      Sheer will.

      I’m happy for you Arpitha..
      Whole heartedly congratulate you for the achievement and at the same time
      Wish you all the best for the the 10k day which would take approximately 27.397 years.

  3. Swarna

    Awesome Arpitha .That’s way too inspiring for anyone who wants to give a start to a new healthy habbit.Congratulations on your achievement and having said so ,I would definitely like to see you taking it to next level and more people getting inspired from you

  4. Abha ! At last

    I don’t here more words; of course thanks to Mahaveer Kothari & Paras Jain for inspiring along with the Royals Trio Abhinay, Ashwin & Sunil.

  5. Vinutha S Giri

    Thank you Mahaveer and paras for inspiring her . I am happy now.. Atleast you guys made her health conscious.❤
    Big thanks to MR. Murali Srinivasan too.. You inspired BNI MYSURU to take up this fitness challenge

  6. hei dude WONDERFUL, you were the person who inspired me & made me start 10k steps, we just pulled you back, but the way u have come back, surely its a inspiration to all – especially youngsters, i was able to influence few more people like Sourab, Abhishek, Amith Jain, most importantly my wife Neelam she will be completing 10k steps day 100 tomorrow, a big credit to you for making difference in so many lives,

    keep it up, god bless you, see you soon at day 1000

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