How to create a customer avatar or customer profile in 5 easy steps

How to create a customer avatar or customer profile in 5 easy steps

The most amazing part about this world is that in order to move forward in business or a job, it is supremely important to understand people. It is important to understand what they like, what they buy when they buy and how much. 

Before you start out a business, you’d have done some groundwork and conducted a market survey to understand the demand for what you are offering. The same way, you need to do an analysis of your potential customer by creating a customer avatar or a customer profile. 

How to make a customer avatar or a customer profile in 5 easy steps

Not only will this help you in marketing but also help you understand the depth of your own business

1. Template

I have created a very basic version of the template that you could start out with. I have called it basic because there are several advanced templates that go much deeper into understanding the customer profile that could feel like an overload as of now. 

Download the template

You can fill in other details here that you feel are important to the business you are working on. Make at least three different customer avatars in order to get an overall idea.

2. Questions

When you finally make this profile, go to the place of their social hangout, as per your research. Identify profiles the way you have described them to be and just observe the behaviour of activities or questions or anything of that sort ( keep it professional and please don’t endlessly stalk )

Ask yourself what they could be buying right now, would they be interested in what you are offering and few other questions that can give a deeper insight into them. A lot of them recommend you to talk to the people directly but let’s be honest, how many times do we even respond to these survey questions?

Add these answers to the template and you will see that your groundwork is getting more comprehensive.

3. Call to Action

Once you have made the template comprehensive, be sure to determine the next and the most important thing. What action would you like them to take once they are reading about you? This majorly depends on which platform, so choose according to that.

You could have a lead magnet on the website or merely give them an option to call. Your social profiles could also take them to landing pages, from where they actually do the desired CTA or just here ring you up. Deciding your CTA is the most important strategy and the complete marketing strategy is based on the desired action.

4. Proof of work

By now, we have pretty much completed making the profile. The only thing is to know if we’re right and if this going to help us make the money we want to make. So go back to the social hangouts and look for as many profiles as you can that match your avatar. Lookup for which groups they are part of and what hashtags they follow or what questions they’re asking. If Facebook, join those groups, if Instagram, make those hashtags part of your posts if for a website, use those words or what we call keywords and build on it. They will make you confident about the research you have done, in the first place.

The proof of a pudding is in the eating

No clue who said that

4. The social proof

Start out with the work that you planned to do, once you have the template and related work-ready. Do not expect magic to happen but keep an eye on the performance of your content. Understand that it takes months to gain traction for anything new, considering that you are applying the right marketing strategy. The only thing for you to observe here is from what sort of people you are getting engagement. If this matches the customer profile that you have chartered, then go ahead and celebrate.



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