5 Basic Principles of Content Writing

5 Basic Principles of Content Writing

Everyone’s on the internet. They’re either sharing something about their life or looking up recommendations or just browsing their way out of boredom. Converting this into an opportunity and reaching out to someone who is seeking a solution in your industry, can make a huge difference to your business. 

Having said that, today I want to write on what kind of writing can actually create an impression to a reader who just casually comes across your page or lands up on your site or pages. Use them practically in your writing and let the magic happen. 

1. Clarity is Power

First, be clear; in your mind and in the words you use. Don’t try to overdo or oversell when you’re writing a copy. There’s a famous method we use to see how practical a business is. The method is to go and explain to a 5-year old in one line about what your business is and see if the kid understands. 

So think of writing as something similar. A kid should be able to make sense of what you are trying to convey and not go like,”So what exactly are you trying to say”. Once you keep the end or the objective in mind and then start writing, you can attain clarity in the flow of it. 

2. Understand their profile

If you want to talk to me, you first need to know me. If you want to talk to me about your business, you definitely need to know my age, my decision-making ability or where I stay, for that matter. In other words, it is almost useless talking to a 16-year-old about bathing and sanitary solutions and talking to a 60-year old about the latest gadget that just released. I am not assuming stereotypes but pointing out that we need to profile what the majority of your clients are like. 

Your languaging, visual content, Call To Action and almost everything will depend on the customer profile or avatar. Start writing after making the profile and understanding it. 

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Create your own customer profile using our template

3. Add value and create an impact

So you get to hear this very often, right? Add value, they say. So you’re into jewellery business or into water-proofing or into excavation. How do you add value to your reader? Share some facts, do some myth-busters, state why someone needs this product/service in their life. Break your business down into little details and bring out content that you feel is worth sharing. Want to understand the difference?

  1. I am a dealer of Primary steel and you can contact me for your requirements. 
  2. Hey, did you know that most builders recommend Primary Steel as it makes the structure stronger and is used in the best of the buildings?

The first way of talking about your business is straight up-selling and no one wants to be sold to. Everyone wants to buy-into things and land up at the decision of purchase or availing. Establish you are credible by simple value additions and people will naturally look up to you. 

4. Relevancy

I am here on your site because I thought you can answer me regarding what exactly I am looking for. It’s easy to chase me away from here if I find your content irrelevant or disconnected. Keep your content industry-relevant and make it practical enough for a person outside the industry. Don’t forget to keep your language and tone uniform. 

5. Simplicity

I can’t tell you enough about this one. Simplicity is the most powerful you can have, out there. Have short sentences, easy to understand words, active voice and talk one concept at a time. Remember that writing copy is like climbing stairs. You try to rush your way up, you could tumble down and you need to take one step at a time. 

Apply these principles and see the difference!


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